GP Synergy Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and Critical Appraisal Online Course for GP registrars

This is a short online e-learning course in five modules.  Its goal is to develop EBM and critical appraisal knowledge and skills in general practice registrars.

Team members: Michael Tam and Anne Eastwood.

Morsels of Evidence

The goal of the Morsels of Evidence website is to provide Australian general practitioners regular updates that are short, sharp and immediately clinically relevant; distilled evidence from contemporaneous published articles in peer-reviewed journals. It hopes to make a practical difference for individual general practitioners, and to improve the quality of health care delivery in primary health care in general.

Team members: Michael Tam, May Su, Angie Pinto, Juliana Andrici

The Creation of The Medicine Box

“The Creation of The Medicine Box” is a comprehensive documentation of the design, goals, development and construction of the website, The Medicine Box.  It contains a review and analysis of the state of the project after six months from its launch in April 2006.

This report was in addition written and designed as a guidebook to the development of online medical education resources.  “The Medicine Box” represents a significant body of work. We hope that you find both this book and the website worthwhile.

“The Creation of The Medicine Box” is available as a PDF eBook (hosted through Google Drive).

A hard copy can be printed through