Australian GP perceptions of at-risk drinking, and the role of the AUDIT-C [thesis]

coverThis is a printed version of my Master of Mental Health (General Practitioner) (Research) thesis, submitted to the New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry.

The full electronic copy can be read by clicking on the “Preview” button.  A printed hard copy can be ordered through


At-risk drinking is common in Australia. Validated screening tools such as the AUDIT-C have been promoted to general practitioners, but appear rarely used. Detection of at-risk drinking remains low. This masters research thesis, at the New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry, explores and describes Australian general practitioner beliefs and attitudes on the detection and screening of at-risk drinking. It seeks to understand the low uptake of alcohol screening questionnaires in general practice, the potential role of the AUDIT-C, and the overall low detection rate of at-risk drinking.

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