What are school sores and how do you get rid of them?

What are school sores and how do you get rid of them?

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The usual culprit is the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, better known as “golden staph”.

Michael Tam, University of Sydney

Impetigo, or “school sores”, is a contagious infection of the very top layer of skin. It’s most common in children aged two to six, and ends up spreading from child to child in schools and daycare centres, but can affect children and adults of all ages.

The good news is that it’s unlikely to cause serious harm. It usually clears up within a few weeks, without any scarring. Continue reading

Radio interview on 2UE Lifestyle Overnight program

I was interviewed on the 2UE Lifestyle Overnight with David Prior program on the current influenza season.

Michael is from the GP Unit at Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research.

As you may know NSW is in the midst of the worst flu season on record with more than 8000 influenza cases confirmed in the past week alone. Flu patients were presenting to the state’s emergency departments in greater numbers than ever before, the latest NSW Health Influenza Surveillance Report showed.

A record 18,357 confirmed flu cases were reported between January and July, more than double the number of cases in the same period in 2016.