Patients’ acceptance of SNAP assessment: An exploration

SNAPvariationsThis paper looking at the variation in patient acceptance of SNAP risk factor enquiry by GPs was published in Australian Family Physician (PDF)

Tam CWM, Zwar N, Hespe C. Patients’ acceptance of SNAP assessment: An exploration. Australian family physician 2016 5/01;45:340-1.

Full results from extended analysis here:


We previously described in Australian Family Physician a survey experiment that demonstrated patients’ acceptance of alcohol enquiry from their general practitioners (GPs) varied markedly depending on the reason for the initial presentation. A further qualitative study identified that the acceptability of these discussions was influenced by their perceived relevance. For many patients, this ‘was determined by whether the presenting complaint was seen to be an issue affected by alcohol drinking’.

Is this finding isolated to assessment of drinking, or does it apply to other SNAP (smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity) risk factors?

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