99 & Counting: Medical Myths Debunked

99-Myths-img2My articles published in the Monday Medical Myth series on The Conversation were included in a paperback and e-book publication, “99 & Counting: Medical Myths Debunked”, edited by Helen Sykes & Fron Jackson-Webb.

This series of articles was brainchild of Fron, who engaged with field experts to write on a commonly believed myth, explain where it might have originated, and to debunk it with evidence.

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vitualis’ Medical Rants – Collections 2003-2013

front_covervitualis’ Medical Rants – Collections 2003-2013 is a collection of articles, essays, letters and comments that I have written over the last 10 years.

The book is divided into 10 parts – each section having a different flavour and style of writing.  The historical context of my experiences links the separate sections together.

This book is available as a free PDF eBook, published and available through Lulu.

A hardcover with dust-jacket edition is also available.

The Creation of The Medicine Box

“The Creation of The Medicine Box” is a comprehensive documentation of the design, goals, development and construction of the website, The Medicine Box.  It contains a review and analysis of the state of the project after six months from its launch in April 2006.

This report was in addition written and designed as a guidebook to the development of online medical education resources.  “The Medicine Box” represents a significant body of work. We hope that you find both this book and the website worthwhile.

“The Creation of The Medicine Box” is available as a PDF eBook (hosted through Google Drive).

A hard copy can be printed through Lulu.com.